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ReliantPay is a customer focused credit card processing and payments acceptance company. 

ReliantPay is powered by First Data for credit card processing.

ReliantPay's founders are from diverse industries.  Tom Mansfield has owned and operated numerous small business, and Denny Kammer has been involved in launches in the telecom industry. 

Our diverse, entrepreneurial  backgrounds offer insight into varied approaches to solutions.  

Our client base spans market industries, including retail, wholesale, non profit, educational, and service companies.

ReliantPay is the leader in merchant services and credit card processing.

At ReliantPay we structure our hiring, training and compensation programs to reinforce a customer first approach.

 If we meet your goals we meet our goals.

 We provide on going education for our customers to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and then stay compliant

ReliantPay delivers comprehensive solutions and support
  • That securely and reliably process your credit, debit and check transactions.
  • We work with credit card processors to provide merchant services to businesses of any size. 
  • Open your merchant account today with one of our state of the art credit card machines. 
  • We work one on one with you to provide a user friendly, cost effective program to exceed your specific business needs.
  • Accept credit cards today with our merchant accounts.

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